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Hair Styles

What is the Hairstyle?   

  • A style in which hair is cut and arranged. A hairstyle that complements them is fashionable, and that they are happy with. In the United States alone, the salon industry is a $45 billion industry. For the majority of us, having our 4-6 weekly cuts and colours in medium priced salons, the annual salon bill is somewhere between $750 and $2000.
  • Despite the importance of hairstyles in aiding in the external definition of ourselves, an alarming number of people report having hairstyles they are less than happy with hairstyles for straightened hair.
  • The good news is that there are some steps you can take to make sure that your next hairstyle leaves you feeling more fabulous than freakish. The overwhelming factor you need to consider though is whether a style will suit your face shape.

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What category?

What one person perceives as 'short' varies greatly with another person. Our breakdown is as follow.

  • Very Short:

The weight line of the hair is at or above the ear line.

  • Short:

The cut line is between the ear and the jaw line.

  • Medium:

The weight line is between the jaw and the shoulder.

  • Long:

Below the shoulder.

  • Funcky:

All sizes, shapes and lengths, ranging from the chic to the crazy.

If you think you would like a 'short' style', you should bracket and also look at all of the 'very short' and 'medium' styles as the differences are at times slight

  • Face Matching:

The mathematical rules for selecting a style to match your face are complicated.

  • Length:

Far too many women wear long hair far too late in life. It makes them look older, not younger.

Most women finally hack their hair off the same day they file for divorce.Interesting side note don't you think. Long hair is fine and can even look beautiful, just make sure you keep it long or the right reasons and that it makes you look great.

  • Color:

Color should be compatible with your skin tone, and accent your eyes. If there is a red tint to your skin, red hair will not be flattering and does not work well with brown eyes either.

How much time do you have to spend on your hair on a daily basis?

Be honest about this one! There is no point having a stylist give you a hair cut that requires you to spend 45 minutes each morning achieving the desired look if you do not have the time. This question boils down to your lifestyle and you need to consider it carefully before choosing a hairstyle.

How much money do you wish to spend maintaining your hairstyle?

Some high maintenance hairstyles will not only require you to spend large amounts of time styling your own hair, they may also require frequent salon visits. Before you decide on a certain hairstyle, you should calculate the cost of maintaining that style and check whether you can sustain that expenditure.

Effective Hairstyle & care routines for naturally beautiful hair

Taking care of hair is in fact much the same as taking care of skin. An effective hair care discipline involves cleansing, toning and conditioning routines carried out with religious regularity.

By Subhash Kumar